Podcast and Vodcast

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I have never worked with vodcast or podcast so it is hard to blog about something I have no experience with but i am sure I will learn soon enough since we will be doing this in class next monday.

so for now I will just be experimenting with Garageband and try to get a heads up on sony p-150 before class here are some links to what I am going to follow  except for the first one


Here is what looks like a easy way to

Set up a podcast in windows

still looks like a pain and is not a good  plan for mac users

10 Tips for Editing a Podcast in GarageBand

This seems like a good one for mac users  I have not used GarageBand yet but I am going to play with it as soon as i get this blog done

This is a manuel  for setting up podcasts from iLife support

Sony p-150

A quick overview of the camera will be using

Making a podcast

Very detailed walk through



Web Design for Mobile Devices

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My first article I read was Mobile Web Design Trends For 2009 by Steven Snell http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/01/13/mobile-web-design-trends-2009/ this article is a little dated but goes over the process of design for mobile phone quit clearly. The author talks about the rapidly changing industry and the constant need for web designer to stay on top of it.  Steven describes 5 trends for 2009 : 1 –  simple options-keeping the simple and small so that their user-friendly. 2 – necessity of whitespace which is essential  for mobile because of the screen size. 3 – lack of images  slower internet speeds on mobile devices+size screen makes them hard to see. 4 – subdomains instead of mobi or separate domains  it is more common for company to use sub-domains simply less confusing. 5 prioritized accounts  keeping it simple no  adds or banners  and only the most useful information for the user.

I have to say i agree with everything he talks about in this article. i may not be a web designer but I do use my iPhone a lot and i have thing go exactly the way he talks about in this article. the apps need to be user-friendly that what they are made for nobody want’s to fumble around trying to hit the right key on their phone, miss the key and wait for another page to load,  or go back and try to find it .everything must stay clear and defined otherwise it would be a waste of time to even have these  services remember all this was made to make or life easier and more productive

The second article I read was http://articles.sitepoint.com/article/designing-for-mobile-web

this article reads a lot like the first and was published 2008 instead of 2009 .The author Brian Suda also states there is probably no need to use wml. he also talk about phone sizes and keeping it simple.he also talks types of clients but i found the most important part of the article was on the second page #4 publish the bare minimum (simple ,clean , user-friendly) this what i get out of every article on this topic.

The third is a video that’s pretty amazing just look at what it can do!

Collective Intelligence

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Collective intelligence means exactly the way it sounds, it is a way to collect information from different user s and processing the information to get answers for  various topics. users  put their  input   usually in blogs or  rss feed  and  let  you process the information.there are also web sights  that process information for  you , probably the most famous and successful being wikipedia were almost any user  can edit information so all the info is up to date  so you’re getting several explanations from several combined    into  one  apparently he software thy use was taken up by the us government after  t he after  911 bombing collective intelligence is no alway successful  there are many company that failed try this technique  usually because of bad  info o be put into the brain by people that have no knowledge of the subject.    Consider the cautionary tale of Pallokerho-35 (PK-35), a Finnish soccer club. A few years ago, the team’s coach invited fans to help determine the club’s recruiting, training and even game tactics by allowing them to vote using their cell phones.10 Unfortunately, the season was a disaster, ending with PK-35 firing its coach and scrapping its fan-driven decision-making ways. The lesson here is that many applications do require a large number of participants to ensure the quality of the output, but those individuals must still have the necessary knowledge to make useful contributions. http://sloanreview.mit.edu/the-magazine/articles/2009/winter/50211/decisions-20-the-power-of-collective-intelligence/#ref9 an other  example would be a  website was that is not properly  managed  or monitored.  I the idea like idea of giving user a different rating depending   on the users knowledge or experience . When you think about it, collective intelligence is how we got where we are today.  Technology speeds up faster and faster  every day we  need a way to collect our thoughts and ideas to distinguish the good from the bad. Here is a couple of links that has a simple and yet effective video of collective intelligence. http://techtv.mit.edu/videos/4172-the-center-for-collective-intelligence author Eric Bonabeau


The problems that could be solved with  this idea could greatly benefit us all and in many ways it all ready has, our government  uses intellipedia  which use’s mediawiki,  the same software as wikepedia, one of the most successful websites using collective intelligence.   we have the technology and we know it can work why don’t we use it on a global scale and stop all the nonsense  well we probably all ready are  but have no control on the out come. I think it would be possible for a website like wikipedia  to exist where any one in the world could put in there ideas and thoughts about improving the world we live in and then everyone could vote on those ideas and input more ideas to put them into action creating a world that is truly ours, but would we want that world?  if you made everyone take an intelligence test on the subject at hand first and collected the data accordingly so  a person that scored 100%  on the subject would receive  1.  where as someone who scored  50% on the same test  would only receive .o5 tally up the votes and highest number wins.   I think something like this could work but I am a very optimistic person.  Everyone wants to improve the way they live of course the heir ups wont like it because it would surely take money out of their pockets,  we the people by the people, of course there would have to be monitors  that take place  you cant give everyone the same test but you could randomly send to everyone  around their  schedules  so it would be like a pop quiz.   the people who care most about the subject at hand will surely fill them selves with the knowledge to count,  their by giving them the power to change the situation at hand.  I am not talking about over throwing the government  just talking about helping them out.  After all one person can still make a difference right? Collective intelligence of this kind would certainly make the  statement,  all people can make a difference!

Collective intelligence is important to me as interactive designer because it keeps up to date on the latest tools and applications. It also helps all off us informed on now to use those apps as we teach them,  so I can keep up with the competition. Every time I get on the internet I participate in collective intelligence in way or another. As soon as I publish this I will be participating in collective intelligence. I also participate in collective intelligence whenever I start a new residential painting  job. walk my guys through the job let them no want need to be done.and then we sit down and talk about what would be the job and what would be the most eficent way to go about it I take all ideas into consideration and then come up with a game plan most of the time it all goes smoothly but there always variables that cant be accounted for and some times they really throw a wrench into the plan. no matter what I think this is the only way to prepare for a job.

personal learning enviroment

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personal learning enviroment has been around for a long time. today technology has made it popular

because of the need to keep learning in our ever changing world. PLE enables is to learn things in our own way at our own pace . there are many resource available for us to organize our  what we are leaning as well as what we would like to learn. web 2.0 has enhanced this by giving us many applications to subscribe to and have all the material in 1 place

I have just started a ple and still gathering thought about how to go about it. i am sure it will be a lot of trial and error until i get used to the programs and the way they work,but so far they seem pretty basic. it will be just a matter of implementing them.

I plan on using a ple for the rest of my life i wish i started 1 years ago,but better late than never. i am going to use it for my painting business,  my schooling,  as well as many other thing in my life that need attention. the only thing i am worried about is  information overload  because i like to learn as much as i can as fast as i can  so i am going to have to regulate my hours of learning  very carefully. finally i have a game plan and a way to ensure that i can keep up with it

web 2.0 thoughts

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From what i read in the article “what is web 2.0”http://oreilly.com/web2/archive/what-is-web-20.html i can see many different advantages over web 1.0 . to me it can is like comparing a rotary phone to a cell phone, the options are endless. with 2.0 we can use our computer to communicate with many other users instantly, share files. have an endless source of resources that are updated by the user(Wikipedia) with 2.0 we can subscribe to rss feeds so it save us time on endless searches. 2.0 give us the capabilities to set our browser to our specifications etc, as a matter of fact the end user is what make 2.0 so great because we are the ones that put the data in it so it can analyze it and give us a more accurate meaning (open source software)  with blogs we are able to communicate with others and share ideas on subjects that we are interested in without having to go to their website all we have to do is subscribe to their blog and we can see updates immediately.

with ajax and JavaScript web based applications can work like more like desktop applications.another advantage is democracy meaning the web is open to everyone and we all have the right to use all of its resource’s, we all have the right to change it,  we are changing it, and i believe it’s for the better. i just hope web 3.0 doesnt  take all this for granted


according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_2.0 web 2.0 does not refer to an update to any technical specifications, but rather to cumulative changes in the ways software developers and end-users use the Web